Natural Warp

Metaverse Meditation

The meditation on the realization of the trinity : body, mind and soul are represented by these semi-ethereal semi-crystalline monks, inspired by ancient buddhist stone carvings.

The Metaverse, the all containing, the all knowing, the ever ongoing, ... spawned into existence simply by the fact of observation ?

It seems to surround us and we seem to hold it within. It's our cocoon which feeds us ourselves, reflecting every facet continuously from the beginning to the end.

1/1 rare digital artwork minted at Makersplace
Metaverse Meditation

Purchasing this #raredigitalart #cryptoart #NFT will render you the owner of both the original VR Sculpt ( Tiltbrush 3D export package ) + the original 360° videoloop ( .mp4 at 8192x4096 px )